Team Treatz Releases Disney Lion King Cat Treats

San Diego, CA July 22, 2019 - Team Treatz, Inc. – is in production with the first ever Disney themed Lion King cat treats.

Team Treatz was founded in 2017 by Kim Kolodzi and Ginny Bischel, DVM, with a mission to provide USA made treats for dogs and cats in internationally known licensed characters that would also be beneficial in preventing pet dental issues.
The release of Team Treatz Lion King Cat Treats is a huge milestone for the company. Kolodzi, a cat lover and rescuer, said, “We are confident that our treats will exceed quality and palatability expectations but also Ginny and I are huge proponents of pet rescue and spay and neutering, so it was important that our treats were symbolic of the love and care that everyone’s pets at home deserve. We also want our treats to spread a special message about the love and care that our homeless animals are so desperately in need of, so we printed Adopt, Love, Spay, Neuter on our bags. ”

The Lion King was released nationwide July 19th and is sure to be a blockbuster hit for Disney in the consumer marketplace as analysts predict that the Lion King will be one of the most impressive films of the summer!

Bischel, DVM states, “As a practicing veterinarian, I wanted us to develop pet treats that served a purpose. Our treats aid cats and dogs in preventing a variety of dental issues ranging from plaque and tartar to gum disease and even systemic illness associated with poor oral health. Every ingredient is sourced and made in the USA and that includes the packaging as well.” Their Lion King cat treats will be ready for consumers before the end of August and are made from a patented formula that has been proven to reduce tartar up to 40% with regular consumption

About Team Treatz

Team Treatz, Inc. is an innovative pet treat company that is woman and minority owned. They are based out of Southern California. Team Treatz currently designs and manufactures licensed dental dog treats as well as cat tartar control treats. The dog treats are two inch domed chews with detailed embossed character logos in the center. The cat treats are a veterinary patented formula.

Kolodzi and Bischel DVM, together envisioned the creation of a healthy pet treat that would appeal to dog and cat lovers and entertainment character fans, while providing a benefit to dog and cat’s teeth and gums. Team Treatz is committed to using only American labor to create and market its products. All treats are not only manufactured in the US but ingredients are all USA sourced and they are packaged in USA made bags.

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